Case Study: Wal-Mart and Adidas

Assignment 1: Case Study: Wal-Mart™ and Adidas™

Multinational clothing manufacturers and retailers, such as Adidas and Wal-Mart, have recently been under public and media scrutiny for their alleged unethical practices. Create a four to six-page, double-spaced report on the ethical decision-making processes in these organizations. Include the impact of these processes on employee relationship.


Use all of the keyword strings listed below to conduct online research on case studies on Wal-Mart and Adidas.


Keywords: Wal-Mart Case Study, Adidas Case Study, Wal-Mart History, Adidas History


Start creating the report. The report should have three parts:


  • Part 1 (Introduction): This should include an overview of the relation between the ethics and decision-making processes as observed in Wal-Mart and Adidas.
  • Part 2 (Detailed analysis): This part should answer the following questions:
    • Do you perceive Wal-Mart as a “Corporate Bully?”
    • In what ways has Wal-Mart violated certain ethical business behavior?
    • Can you find proof that Wal-Mart of today is trying to be a benevolent organization? Explain and defend your position based on your research.
    • Have Wal-Mart and Adidas displayed their responsibility to care for their employees? Justify your answer with concrete examples from the case studies.
    • How are the codes of ethics of the two organizations related to their ethical leadership practices?
    • What do you infer about the corporate culture of these two organizations from their management-employee relationships? Justify your answer with concrete examples from the case studies.
    • Did these organizations display social responsibility and social reporting? Justify your answer with concrete examples from the case studies.
  • Part 3 (Conclusion): This part should present broad-level suggestions to improve the decision-making processes and ethical policies in these two organizations. Provide adequate rationale for your answers.
  • Essay must be in APA format with cited sources and references.



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