Choose an exercise at the end of reading to write about. Format: 1 full page, single spaced.

The yama-s are what most serious students of yoga come to identify as the moral codes of being a yogi. Patanjali, the yogi who wrote the treatise on Ashtanga yoga entitled Yoga Mala, considered the yama-s “the great, mighty, and universal vows.” He instructs us that they should be practiced on all levels (actions, words, and thoughts) and that are not confined to class, place, time or concept of duty (YS 2.31). There are five Yama-s as will be explained in this reading. 

When you craft this week’s self-reflection exercise (based on the exercise at the end of the reading), please read and cite from one outside source on the the yama you choose. This source must be from a reputable journal such as Yoga International or Yoga Journal. 

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