Choose two sources and compare and contrast them in your own words in one paragraph


Watch Bill Gates’s “Innovating to Zero” and Donald Sadoway’s “The Missing Link to Renewable Energy” Steven Pinker’s “The Surprising Decline in Violence” P.W. Singer’s “Military Robots and the Future of War,” and Louise Fresco’s “We Need to Feed the Whole World.” Read “Gone with the Wind: Federalism and the Strategic Location of Air Polluters,” “Accelerated Modern Human-Induced Species Losses: Entering the Sixth Mass Extinction,” “Biocarbon Engineering,” “Extinctions during Human Era Worse Than Thought,” “Global Catastrophic Risks and “10 Predictions about the Future that Should Scare the Hell out of You.

Watch some speeches on the future, and Mark Bittman’s “What’s Wrong with What We Eat” and read Al Gore’s “Climate of Denial, Stephen Hawking’s prediction, Jawaharlal Nehru’s “Speech on the Gaining of Indian Independence,” Anne Milgram’s “Moneyballing Criminal Justice,” Andrew Hessel, Marc Goodman, and Steven Kotler’s “Hacking the President’s DNA,” President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, Ed Yong’s “Mutant-flu Paper Published,” and “Climate Change Helped Spark Syrian War, Study Says.”

Watch Marc Goodman’s “A Vision of Crimes in the Future,” Vijay Kumar’s “The Future of Flying Robots,” Sebastian Thrun’s “Google’s Driverless Car,” and the scene from 2001, and read Don Melvin’s “Cop pulls over Google Self-Driving Car, Finds No Driver to Ticket” and Allison Linn’s “The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Myths, Realties, and Inspirations.” Watch Erik Brynjolfsson’s “The Key to Growth? Race with the Machines,” Robert Gordon’s “The Death of Innovation, the End of Growth,” and Rainer Stack’s “The Workforce Crisis of 2030 – and How to Start Solving It Now.” Watch Andrew McAfee’s “What Will Future Jobs Look Like?”, Michael Bodekear’s “This Virtual Lab Will Revolutionize Science Class,” and Anthony Goldbloom’s “The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines – and the Ones We Won’t.” Read Matt Novak’s “Nikola Tesla’s Amazing Predictions for the 21st Century” and Niall Dunne’s “How Technology Will Change the Future of Work.

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