CIS 502 …

“Logical and Physical Security”  Please respond to the following:

  • Question 1: evaluate the effectiveness of the physical and environmental security measures that the organization you researched used in regard to protecting its assets. Indicate improvements to the organization’s security measures where applicable. Justify your response.
  • Question 2: Consider a scenario where a financial company, whose management harbors concerns about its immature security posture, has quickly expanded its operations into multiple locations throughout the U.S. Indicate where you believe the company should begin in its securing process with the top-three (3) logical security measures and top-three (3) physical security measures that most concern to you. Justify the main reasons why you believe that the six (6) measures indicated are so critical

“Security Models and Cloud Operations”  Please respond to the following:

  • Question 4 : analyze the industry researched for each security model would be most applicable, and explain why you believe that to be the case. Identify the security models from your findings.
  • Question 5: ascertain the primary way in which the organization that you researched was able to leverage a cloud solution while overcoming its security concerns. Discuss whether or not you believe that the security concerns surrounding cloud operations are warranted. Justify your answers with real-world examples from applicable situations, where appropriate.
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