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CLC- Assessment and Educational Interventions for Students With LD

his week, you will?? complete a CLC assignment.?? Please prepare a 10-12 slide presentation with your group analyzing an assessment that is used to diagnose a student as having a learning disability.?? Each group will be assigned a different assessment to research, identified by your instructor.


Your group will research the

KeyMath???-3 Diagnostic Assessment

Include the following assessment components:

  1. Assessment Instrument
  2. Summary/Procedures
  3. Reliability/Validity of Data
  4. Age Range
  5. Assessment Strengths
  6. Assessment Weaknesses

In addition, please include a component that is interactive for the audience. Video clips may be included, but may not be longer than 3 minutes.??

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.




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