1.     What makes a computer “Human Computer Interface” (HCI) effective? Identify 2 unique features, characteristics or components that really add to the human experience and ease of use of the computer system. Describe some HCI characteristics that are not good. That is, what do you think has failed in the past or in a computer related product that is still on the market? Provide one simple example, if you can. For example, my most hated product was the “foot mouse.” i saw that item at a trade show. I never really could understand what they were thinking when they invented it. Who is going to take their shoes off in the office to navigate a mouse or borrow someone else’s mouse? Of course, this is a great product for a person who can’t use their arms.




2.     What are some social media or social networking features that you like? Why do you like them?





3.     How can design features create security or privacy issues? That is when a website takes your information from you, what are they doing with it? Printing it to the screen? Selling it? What exactly happens with the data that we give out? Would the design of some applications and websites be the same if they did not ask us for any data?

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