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Coefficient of Determination

The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the coefficient of determination (R2) statistic as a measure of the fit of a regression line.


R2??is a statistical measure of how close the data are to a fitted regression line. In general, the higher the R2, the better the model fits your data. However, while R2measures goodness of fit, it does not indicate whether a regression model is adequate. You can have a low R2??value for a good model or a high R2??value for a model that does not fit the data.


Research about R2.On the basis of your research and your involvement in public health functions, respond to the following:


  • Find and state a definition of R2??that you feel is easy to understand.
  • In your own words, provide a substantive explanation of what R2??represents.
  • Explain what the statistic R2??is used for in regression analysis.
  • Explain how R2??is affected by sample size.
  • Describe whether a large R2??value means that a regression is significant. Provide reasons for your answer.
  • Describe how you would substantively interpret R2.

Do NOT write in essay form. Just answer each question and please use references from the internet.

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