Company Coca Cola




You will submit an environmental scan ofCoca Colawithin the chosen market domain using the PEST format. This analysis will be written viewing the company from the outside to the inside. This assessment will consider the knowledge gained from the SWOT analysis generated. The scan will include the external political, economic/financial,sociopolitical, and technological trends for a given market environment and a potential market.


1. PEST Analysis: Complete a PEST analysis on the external factors that affect the company’s readiness to compete. What are the political,economic, social, and technological factors that affect the company?


2. Prioritized List: Based on the PEST analysis, examine and address the key issue from each quadrant to assist in the success of your chosen company. Include supporting rationale and research as needed.


3. Readiness: Based on external factors, evaluate coca colas  readiness to compete in the business environment of the market domain. Support your evaluation with information from your market domain evaluation and PEST analysis.


4 Pages(not counting cover page and reference page)


-APA Format and Citations 


-4 Sources




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