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Complete assignment


??Throughout ??the ??course, ??you ??have been ??completing discussion boards, ??learning activities, and assignments ??with ??the ??intention ??of ??utilizing ??those ??tools ??and knowledge ??to ??culminate a Final ??Project ??where you ??propose a health ??intervention, ??project, ??or ??program ??for ??your ??chosen health issue. ????At ??this ??point, ??you ??have ??chosen ??a health theory ??(Unit ??2), ??conducted ??a ??review ??of ??the recent literature ??and ??created an ??annotated bibliography ??(Unit ??2), ??created ??goals ??and ??objectives ??for your ??program ??(Unit ??4), ??and ??reflected ??and revised ??those goals ??to be culturally ??sensitive ??(Unit 6). ??


Now ??it ??is ??time to synthesize ??that ??information ??and create ??a 5???7-page report ??(excluding ??title page, ??reference ??pages, ??and appendices) ??with your ??proposed ??intervention. ??Although you completed aspects ??of ??this ??project ??in other ??units, ??for ??this ??unit, ??you ??will ??imagine that ??this ??report is ??for ??your ??supervisor. ??To ??this ??end, ??your ??report ??should be ??comprehensive and ??formatted ??as ??a professional ??deliverable. ??You may ??borrow ??content ??from ??previous ??assignments, ??but ??attempt ??to substantively ??revise ??and synthesize that ??information.


You ??will ??use ??APA ??and attach all ??your ??previous ??assignments ??(2, ??4, and ??6) ??as ??appendices ??to ??the end of ??your ??paper. ??


??Requirements ??????? ??Provide ??proper ??APA ??style citation ??and referencing for ??all ??sources ??used ??to ??develop goals ??and objectives. ??? ??Submit ??your ??Assignment ??to the DropBox ??for ??grading ??by ??the due date



I have attached my unit 2 ,4 and 6 assignments labeled as so also attached is a sample paper to guide you on what the Assignment lshould look like labeled APA sample

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