computer info systems assignment

Answer each question completely. I do not want short answers on this assignment.


1)    Use the information from your policy planning interviews and what you know about SWOT (use this table for more info– ) to come up with a plan using your existing IT infrastructure to make your own plan for upgrading your existing IT systems.


Use what you know about MTBF, planned obsolescence, SWOT, and your organizations known strengths and weaknesses to decide what parts of your IT will be kept in-house and what parts will be outsourced to a third party.





2)    For this question, I want you to create your own SWOT table and walk me through the process that you would use to convert one of your organizations weaknesses or threats into a new strength or opportunity. Make sure to mention how you would utilize your organizations strengths or the opportunities available to it, in order to make this conversion.



Answer in the same file that i attached here.

Dont go beyond the page.

Try to make it simple and easy.

I already attached my last paper if needed.

It’s due on wednesday morning at 01:00 AM on Dallas TX time zone!!, which is 13 hours from now.

some links to help:


SWOT Analysis table–

When to outsource versus when to keep things in-house–


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