Conflict Resolution/Systems Theory Approach

Using the course materials and the Unit case study Eye to Eye (ATTACHED), write a response paper between 475 – 675 words.
Assess the conflict in the case study using the systems theory approach. Specifically, choose any three questions from the Wilmot-Hocker Conflict Assessment Guide, that appear to apply to the case study, “Eye to Eye,” for this unit.

For example, from the Wilmot and Hocker Conflict Assessment Guide (recommended), you might discuss:
  I. Nature of the Conflict
  IV. Power
  V. Styles


Assignment specifics

  1. The paper must adhere to APA guidelines for citing references.

  2. Include a cover page.

  3. Include an introduction with a summary of the case study, and identify which conflict assessment guide and the specific questions will be used to assess the conflict.

  4. Use three questions from the Wilmot-Hocker Conflict Assessment Guide  to assess the conflict in the case.

  5. Include specific examples from the case study and the textbook to support your analysis.

  6. Include at least three in-text citations from the case study or the text material.

  7. Length of the paper should be 475 – 675 words.

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