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Curriculum Development fro Nurses

Develop??a 2000-word paper describing the lesson plan for an education program for How nurses can promote??functional independence in self-care, ADLs and mobility in patients. Intended target audience are Nurses. (Use source articles about this topic as references in uploaded file).??


Include??the following:

  • Identification of the educational need and rationale
  • Goals and learner outcomes for the lesson
  • Learning objectives
  • Identification of the instructional design model, learner characteristics, learning theory, and other applicable characteristics
  • Completion of content outline
  • Instructional methods to be used for delivery
  • Instructional materials and resources to be used, such as articles, videos, or handouts
  • Identification of evaluation methods

Include 1 paragraph introduction and 1 paragraph conclusion.


Format??your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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