Discussion 6A

Respond to the discussion post below with YOUR educated opinion in 3-4 sentences WITH scholarly source backing it up:


There are risks associated with outsourcing. When it comes to confidentiality and privacy issues, when an organization outsources, they end up giving up control over access their system, the system location and system backups.  An organization loses its confidentiality when it outsources its IT role.  The outsourcing company gains access to everything that is in the organizations system, this includes finances, employee and client information, emails, trade secrets and the outsourced firm’s employee could potentially steal information or copy software from the organization they are working for.  Depending on the organization’s industry, credit card, banking information or heath information could be leaked.  Being dependent on outsourcing firms for an IT role could have its complications; technology can’t be changed or IT’s role be accomplished.  If outsourcing firm’s employees makes any errors or fails to complete their role, the organization’s information system can be ruined.  (Wright, 2004)


I think an organization needs to protect its employees and clients.  If they are going to outsource any role to a third-party firm, they should be making sure a contract is sign that includes procedures for each task they will be responsible for.  Having a person physically take a trip for a week or two to the outsourcing firm to train its employees.  When giving the firms access to the organization’s system, they should be making encrypting emails.  The organization should limit what access the outsourcing firm has, making it impossible for them to access files that do not pertain to their role.

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