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Based on an article by Nakashlma (2016), the FBI requested Apple to “disable the feature that wipes the data on the phone after 10 incorrect tries at entering a password.” Apple has consistently communicated that they do not have such a technology. Based on your review of the studies, including this article, what components of digital forensics would this request apply to? What would be some of the benefits of having such technology? More importantly, what would be the ramifications of this technology for the user and community at large? Do you agree with Apple or the FBI on this type of intrusion?



Nakashima, E. (2016). Apple vows to resist FBI demand to crack iPhone linked to San Bernadino attacks. Washington Post. Retrieved from https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/us-wants-apple-to-help-unlock-iphone-used-by-san-bernardino-shooter/2016/02/16/69b903ee-d4d9-11e5-9823-02b905009f99_story.html



Due April 11 10:00pm

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