Learning Activity 2 Theme Two:: The importance of change in the 21st century business can never be underestimated by the leader.

In the future of business, the impact of technology and globalization is creating a pattern of disruption that forces a leader to direct massive long term change.  There is no strategy that a leader creates or a decision implemented that must not account for change.

As a leader, effective change begins with an attitude that embraces the idea that change is possible and is dynamic. In short, a leader needs to be open to change before leading others.  

Take the following change quiz and report your results:  Change QuizßLINK

Based on the results of your quiz select a quote from one of those listed in this article 38 Quotes to Help You Become a Change Agent. ßLINK

·         If the results show resistance to change select a quote that will inspire you to embrace change,

·         If you accept change select a quote that can act as a daily reminder that change is vital to your success as a leader.  

·         Explain why you have selected the quote and support your reasons for selecting the quote with the class material.



RESOURCES:  at least 1 in cite quotation


Recognizing Organizational Culture in Managing Change

·         How to Create a Culture and Structure for Innovation

·         Leading Change: Establish a Sense of Urgency

·         Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

·         Every Leader Must Be A Change Agent Or Face Extinction

·         Organizational Change: What Effective Leaders Do

·         Managing Employee Engagement During Times of Change

·         John Kotter in Succeeding in a Changing World-Training

·         Communicating Change- John Kotter

·         The Impacts of Change