Due at 5am pacific time

Looking for an expert in financial management that knows how to do financial calculations.  Please look at all the attachments and make sure you can do it and complete it with confidence getting me an A before you send me your handshake.



Go to www.cnbc.com and explore the video tab in the top banner menu. In the search box, enter the key terms reporting and estimate in separate searches. As you learned in this unit, there are various sources of information. Watch at least two videos, briefly describe one of the videos viewed, and provide a summary of information the video contained and how it fits in with this unit.  200 words



This is pretty tricky.  Using the attached excel spreadsheet input the answers to the questions listed in the attachment.  Use the provided Excel template to submit your responses to each of the study problems from the textbook below:

3-13, p. 72. Review of financial statements 

3-15, p. 73. Analyzing the cash flow statement 

4-25, p. 116. Calculating financial ratios
Each question has a corresponding worksheet (look for the tab along the bottom of the workbook). The cells can be adjusted, added, or removed as necessary.


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