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DUE in 1 hour (1 page with APA reference)

  1. Please, define cash larceny.
  2. What type of lapses of internal control might be in play within an organization where cash larceny has been found? How might controls be improved to deter fraud.
  3. How might someone go about concealing a skimming procedure he or she was employing within an organization?
  4. What is an authorized maker scheme, and why are these frauds especially difficult to prevent through normal internal controls?
  5. How can a perpetrator conceal check-tampering activity from others in the organization?
  6. How do register disbursement schemes differ from skimming and cash larceny, both of which frequently involve thefts of cash from cash registers?
  7. How can the processing of low-dollar refunds help a fraudster conceal a register disbursement scheme?

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