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Genetic Drift and the Founder Effect 5

There are two types of genetic drift. Describe and give an example of both the bottleneck effect and the founder effect.

Your assignment should be 300 words in length. Must contain references



Similarities and Differences 6

Discuss the similarities and differences between organisms in the domains Bacteria and Archaea.

Your assignment should be 300 words in length. Must contain references



Phylum Arthropoda 7

The Earth???s largest phylum is Arthropoda, including centipedes, millipedes, crustaceans, and insects. The insects have shown to be a particularly successful class within the phylum. What biological characteristics have contributed to the success of insects? In many science fiction scenarios, post-apocalyptic Earth is mainly populated with giant insects. Why don???t we see giant insects today?

Your assignment should be 300 words in length.?? Must contain references

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