??If there is any quantitative problem, please create a new worksheet to show your work, and be sure to clearly specify where the work is to be found. For example if problem 2 is a quantitative problem and your answer is 5, then in the cell specified for the answer put ???5???see spreadsheet Problem2???. Of if you put all your work for all questions on the same sheet you could write ???5???see spreadsheet??QuantitativeWork???. You can organize it however you want, and name it whatever you want, just make sure I can find it easily in the same workbook.


I want to emphasize the importance of showing your work. Suppose problem 2 is a quantitative problem that has an answer of 5. If in the template you submit the answer of 5 you will receive credit. But suppose you submit the answer of 4. If you do not show how you arrive at the answer of 4 I have no way of knowing what you understand and cannot give partial credit.

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