Employee Satisfaction Survey


Create an Employee Satisfaction Survey
You are creating an Employee Satisfaction Survey for a company you currently or recently worked for ((Publix )) to help the leaders in your organization understand what drives and motivates their employees. This is your survey and you can develop your organization any way you choose when answering the questions.
Use Survey Monkey to develop your survey. After the survey is developed, take the survey to ensure that your survey flows and answers the following questions:
• What are you looking to achieve with this survey?
• How are you going to use the data?
• How should the data be displayed?
• With the questions you asked what policies, procedures or processes will you be gathering data on?
• Do you feel your survey will actually provide usable data to change the policies, procedures or processes from the previous question? Why or why not?

Each answer should be at least a paragraph long, well developed and properly written in APA format. Ensure you have properly formatted references and provide the link to your survey.
****For this project use Publix as an example for the company and please make running head and subtitle for the paper.
**** The professor is very picky about using resources in the body of the paragraph when it needed and gives credits to the original writer or websites or….., So, please make sure if you have any thought from anywhere to cite it in the body of the paragraph beside the citation, also and PLEASE make sure about the PLAGIARISM.

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