English essay 1000-1200 words

Classification and Division: This essay will be worth a maximum of 15 points based on content, organization, and style (Five points for each area). Your essay should be between 1000-1200 words, have a clear thesis in your introduction, and a clear topic sentence for each paragraph.

Choose one of the following:

1. Classify television shows (or films) according to the genre, the audience, or decades they were produced. Write an essay based on your system of division and classification. I recommend starting with a pre-writing exercise similar to the one we did in class. For example, you might discuss different types of horror movies, romantic comedy movies over the past three decades, or crime dramas from the US, Europe, and Asia. Use your classification system to support a clear thesis; for example, “this movie genre has become more/less realistic over the past three decades,” or “today’s more intellectually demanding audience prefers psychologically complex characters in all television dramas/comedies/thrillers/etc.”

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