environmental science



Please discuss the following:

  • Do you feel that GMOs are safe? Do you believe GMOs in foods should be labeled?
  • Do you see GMOs affecting the world today? Please explain.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length and all citations must use APA formatting. Please refer to the Course Project overview for a list of all requirements for this paper.
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Project Overview

??Using the content of the course each week, critically evaluate and analyze each controversial environmental issue.??You must examine the pros, cons, compromises, and tradeoffs of the issue by gathering credible information from various sources and assess the scientific credibility of the information.??You will then develop from this information a well thought out paper that will address the major players involved, relevant cited facts, and a clearly identified opinion while some readings have been provided to get you started, you should continue to research each topic using the online library, scientific journals, government documents, books, science magazines, and personal interviews.??Peer reviewed??sources??should??form the basis of your paper. Use a minimum of 4 sources each week. All submissions as well as the final??paper should be??double-spaced, and 12-point font with citations in APA format.?? Anytime you use the writings??or ideas of others as though they were your own, you are plagiarizing (even if you paraphrase).??All information and ideas that are not a part of general knowledge must be cited. When in doubt, cite.

Genetically modified food controversies??are disputes over the use of foods and other goods derived from??genetically modified crops??instead of??conventional crops, and other uses of genetic engineering??in food production. The key areas of controversy related to??genetically modified food??(GM food or GMO food) are whether such food should be labeled, the role of government regulators, the objectivity of scientific research and publication, the effect of genetically modified crops on health and the environment, the effect on pesticide resistance, the impact of such crops for farmers, and the role of the crops in feeding the world population. In addition, products derived from GMO organisms play a role in the production of ethanol fuels and pharmaceuticals.

Specific concerns include mixing of genetically modified and non-genetically modified products in the food supply,??effects of GMOs on the environment,??the rigor of the regulatory process,??and consolidation of control of the food supply in companies that make and sell GMOs.??Advocacy groups??such as the??Center for Food Safety,??Organic Consumers Association,??Union of Concerned Scientists, and??Greenpeace, say risks have not been adequately identified and managed, and they have questioned the objectivity of regulatory authorities.

The safety assessment of genetically engineered food products by regulatory bodies starts with an evaluation of whether or not the food is??substantially equivalent??to non-genetically engineered counterparts that are already deemed fit for human consumption.??No reports of ill effects have been documented in the human population from genetically modified food.??There is a??scientific consensus that currently available food derived from GM crops poses no greater risk to human health than conventional food, but that each GM food needs to be tested on a case-by-case basis before introduction.??Nonetheless, members of the public are much less likely than scientists to perceive GM foods as safe.??The legal and regulatory status of GM foods varies by country, with some nations banning or restricting them, and others permitting them with widely differing degrees of regulation.

Please review the following readings for more information:

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