What are Project One Requirements?

Project 1: Institutional Analysis and Application (Due Sept 29) Read: 1984 (finish text by week 3) and read a minimum of 15 post on the Seeking Integrity Blog that are directly related to 1984. Organize:students into an institution: (The institution you are creating is the organization of your group to fulfill this assignment…not some fictional institution). Evaluate: your group’s ability to meet its goals for this project Modify: your institution as needed Process and specific requirements: 1.Discuss your understanding of institutions ( family, school, church, business…) 2.Discuss the purpose and goals of the project 3.Discuss what task/ responsibilities are needed to accomplish your goals 4.Discuss how to organize your group to achieve success on this project. 5.Assign roles and responsibilities 6.Reach consensus about (or impose) a structure, make sure everyone in your group signs on to your decision making process. Get each member’s signature on a document that states individual responsibilities to the group and the consequence for not meeting these responsibilities. 7.Create a time-line for meetings to work on and complete the project. 8.Individually read 1984. 9.Each individual must: a) bring their individual analysis of the text to the group, b) provide quotes that support their analysis, c) have a visual institutional analysis of 1984. 10.Each individual must bring examples of US government institutions that reflect the social function of 1984 institutions to group meetings. (These examples must be supported with quotes from text or articles). Group: 1. Create a chart/diagram that clearly illustrates and discusses institutions in 1984 and how these institutions compare to US political-economic institutions. 2. Write an essay discussing your understanding of the relationship between the institutional structure in 1984 and how institutions function in the US political-economic system. 3.Write a one page essay in which you evaluate the success or failure of your group in meeting the requirements for this assignment. Minimum standards for CR: 1.Your group project must illustrate and discuss the institutional structure in 1984 ( Poster and essay or alternative) 2.Your group project must use quotes from 1984 and articles to support your analysis (1984 text must be paper not digital) 3.Your group project must provide context and discuss the meaning for quotes selected to illustrate your collective understanding of 1984 and how the concepts in 1984 apply to US institutions. 4.Your group project must provide a description of how your group achieved its goals for project 1, how it succeeded in this process, or failed, and how you, if needed, changed the institutional structure of your group to achieve your goal. Evidence that all group members participated in the final group product must be provided. Individual statements will not suffice for proof of contribution, this evaluation must be done by the group, with evaluation of each individual’s contribution (or lack thereof) to your group’s success. 5.Names must be placed in alphabetical order, by last name, on the cover sheet of your project as well as on the poster. Class day/time must be listed on the project. 6.On Tuesday (Sept 27), before the due date, you will exchange your project with one other group. This group will evaluate your project based on the assignment and write a one page evaluation of your project clearly stating why your project met the requirements for the project or why it failed. They will return your project and the evaluation to you on the due date. ( Keep a copy of your project so if they fail to return your project you will have proof you did the assignment). At the start of class, Thursday, September29, 2016 you will read the evaluation, and write a one paragraph statement indicating if you agree or disagree with this evaluation. If a group. You will then turn in your project one. Grade: Cr/ NCR 

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