Essay about Korean Culture

10 pages Essay about Korean Society and people

Tips for choosing a Topic for a paper

1. Make a field survey of a particular place that you think shows the cultural characteristics of present Korean society and people.

– visit a place and anaylze the relevant cultural phenomenon

e.g. hagwons,clubs,streets,parks,etc.


2. Write a critical review on a drama or a film in which you see the cultural characteristics of Korean society and people.

-analyze the cultural elements revealed in it.


3. Otherwise, you may write on the topic of your own interest,using a variety of sources. You may choose any topic relevant to the lives and culture of Korean people,which is not nessessarily to be on the past and which you consider to be “characterstically Korean”.


****** Your analysis may include a comparison with the counterpart culture you originally belong.


Again, 10 pages essay includes reference pages. No plagiarism!!!!!

Thank you.

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