Explain the concept of information systems planning

As we approach the launch of Mary’s MediBracelets new online selling site, she already has new ideas for other products and services.


Write a 2- to 4-page report for Mary, drawing from this week’s reading and activities for information systems planning. Explain the concept of information systems planning, comparing at least two development planning methods, appropriate for new system implementation. Also, address the option to acquire (instead of build in-house) information systems, identifying and discussing the tools that might be used in the acquisition of a new information system.


 Organization / Development


Include introduction and conclusion. There is no need to include an abstract for short papers.

Ensure the paper, excluding cover page, reference page and the appendix is within 2-4 pages.

 ***  The instructor will not read and grade pages beyond the 4th page. ***

·         Direct quotes will be excluded during grading of contents. Ensure the content in direct quote is not the primary fact.

·         Direct quotes must be less than 10% of your paper. Assignments containing more than 10% direct quotes will not be graded and assigned 0 point.

·         Address the required components of the assignment in the order outlined in the grading rubric. Otherwise, I might miss them while grading.


·         Each paragraph should consist of three or more sentences

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