Explain the difference between long and short positions

Explain the difference between long and short positions”

2.) “There are approximately 7 billion people in the world.  The developed countries number an estimated 1 billion.  Based on the lecture explain how and why global business has grown, the risks inherent in that growth.  In your discussion, discuss the BRICS and any other catagories that factor into global growth and why?”

3.)Assume you have $1,000,000 that you can invest for the next 180 days. Using only the data given below, answer the following questions. (a and b).


Spot rate:                                            Yen 200 per U.S. Dollar

180 day forward rate:                            Yen 210 per U.S. Dollar

Your forecast of the spot rate

In 180 days:                                         Yen 190 per U.S. dollar

U.S. interest rate (annual):                          10%

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