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Film Response Essay International Relations 2.14.17 Mr. Lieber Madison College for 2/23/17 Assignment: Write a 2-4 page paper (500-1000 words)…

Film Response Essay International Relations 2.14.17 Mr. Lieber Madison College for 2/23/17 Assignment: Write a 2-4 page paper (500-1000 words) in response to the film Khodorkovsky that uses International Relations concepts to analyze and draw insights from the film. Prompt: The film Khodorkovsky tells us a story of one important leader from the 1980s through to the present period, including one other important leader in Mr. Putin. In contrast to the film???s ???first level??? analysis of individual leaders, however, International Relations focuses primarily on the international system level, and also on the nationstate level. Apply the international system level (3rd level) and state (2nd) level views to your discussion of this film. Consider the dramatic changes to USSR/Russia and the world system during this period. Connect the film???s narrative with what you have learned so far in this course about Russia???s evolving role in world politics. ??? What does the film show us about the Russian state? o And what does it tell us about the international system and Russia???s relations with world political and economic structures? ??? Beyond the film???s tale, what parts of these two pictures does our International Relations conceptual lens and timeline enable you to fill in? In other words, what insights about Russia as a state and Russia in the world does the film not really announce itself but imply or suggest, reveal or confirm? ??? What parts of these two topics ??? the Russian state and Russia???s relations with the world– would be most interesting for you to briefly research? And what would you want to find out? References to use include: Mingst, Essentials, Chs.5 (pp. 140- ) and 4 (111- ); CIA World Factbook; the New York Times; Wikipedia. Citations: Use parenthetical references for assigned textbook, e.g. (Mingst, 112), and full citations for any external source materials that you reference. Deadline: Thursday, Feb. 23rd at 2:30 PM on Blackboard as an attached document Grading critieria Clear answers Inclusion of core IR concepts, summary and application Organization into distinct paragraphs Use of evidence and detail to support its points A strong essay will demonstrate a sound grasp of the IR concepts and discuss the film???s main points using details from the Khodorkovsky story.??

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