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FIN 200: What Would Happen If The Short- And Long-Term Rates Were Reversed?


FIN 200
Axia College of University of Phoenix (UoP)

Foundations of Financial Management
Block Hirt Danielsen

Introduction to Finance: Harvesting the Money Tree
Fin 200 Week Solution
Chapter 6

Guardian, Inc., is trying to develop an asset-financing plan. The firm has $400,000 in temporary current assets and $300,000 in permanent current assets. Guardian also has $500,000 in fixed assets. Assume a tax rate of 40 percent.

a. Construct two alternative financing plans for Guardian. One of the plans should be conservative, with 75 percent of assets financed by long-term sources, and the other should be aggressive, with only 56.25 percent of assets financed by long-term sources. The current interest rate is 15 percent on long-term funds and 10 percent on short-term financing.
b. Given that Guardian’s earnings before interest and taxes are $200,000, calculate earnings after taxes for each of your alternatives.
c. What would happen if the short- and long-term rates were reversed



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