For this discussion??I want you to think about monochronic time versus polychronic time.?? Begin by taking the self-test (found in this Ch. 9 module-Polychronic/Monochronic weblink). This test focuses mainly on work situations, but you can extrapolate your results into your personal life.?? Remember that cultures would fall somewhere on a continuum with some cultures falling very strongly on the monochronic side and others on the polychronic side, but many falling somewhere in-between.?? Answer the following questions:

  • 1.????????What were the results of your test??? What was your reaction? ??Did it surprise you or was it what you expected???
  • 2.????????Where does??the dominant U.S.??culture fall?????Give examples to support your position.????Please go beyond what is listed in the text.??
  • 3.????????How late can you be for the following:?? (a) class, (b) work, (c) a job interview, (d) a dinner party, or (e) dinner with a friend???
  • 4.????????What happens when you live in a society that is definitely on one side of the continuum, but as an individual you don’t conform to those standards??? Are there ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??repercussions??? Have you had this happen to you??? If not, how do you feel when another individual doesn’t follow the patterns for the??side of the continuum that ?? ?? ?? ?? ??you are on?
  • 5.????????What do you think the pros are for operating on the monochronic side of the continuum??? What are the negatives??? How about the polychronic side??? What are ?? ?? ?? ?? ??the pros and the cons???
  • 6.????????If you had the ability to create a culture, where would you put your new culture at on the continuum??? Why???????