Financial Accounting

You have been hired by BluJay Aviation as a business consultant. BluJay Aviation, Inc., has been in business for three years. The business has been profitable enough that Wren no longer works for the airport. She is now both an owner and employee of BluJay Aviation. Brad is still at the FBO, but also does some work for BluJay.

An opportunity has arisen at the airport. The gift shop is available for lease. Wren and Brad have been thinking about taking over the operation of the shop in addition to running BluJay Aviation.

Financial statements for the most recent years of operation of the gift shop are supplied.

Come to a conclusion about what they should do and state the reason(s) for your decision.

For this assignment, you will turn in your Letter/Report to BluJay Aviation, Inc. Include your company name in the letter/report.

The letter/report should be submitted to BluJay Aviation, Inc., from your consulting business. Be sure to include a bill for your services. Make it appropriate for the amount of work. The letter/report should be approximately 2-4 pages, again editing and rewriting normally improves work. The format should be a typical business letter/report style.

Remember as a business consultant, your company needs to make recommendations for Episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9 and be backed up with data, making any reasonable assumptions your company deems necessary. Refer back to the instructions in Module 5.1 and grading rubric before submitting your letter/report.

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