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ASSIGNMENT:  Read “Writing a Journal Article Summary (5th link below) prior to beginning this project

Sociology Research Journal Article Summary:  Using the elements of social science research, scholars conduct research and publish their theories, results, and conclusions. This assignment requires you to read a research journal article and provide a written summary of the research conducted.   Open the links below and choose one article for your summary. You may choose a different article, but you must be able to fulfill the requirements listed below. 


  • Cover page with your name, course, and title of an article.
  • Typed, 12 font, double spaced.
  • You may use paragraphs or bullets (labeling each section) for your review.

Answer the following six (6) questions to complete the Journal Article Summary

1.What research question(s) were the researchers trying to answer, i.e.What was the hypothesis?

2. Describe the characteristics of the participants. How were the participants obtained and how many participated?

3. Use the information in Chapter 2 to discuss the methodology researcher(s) used in the study.

4. What did the researchers find? What were the results?

5. What conclusions do the researchers make?

6.  Critique the research.  What are your thoughts on this and would you have done anything differently? 

Answer these question according to 1 article, what I upload at the attachments, you can choice articles whatever you want.


Thank you.

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