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1.      List and describe at least three factors that distinguish storage devices.



2.      What is the relationship between RAM and the CPU?



3.      What is the role of primary memory in computer system?  Be specific.



4.       What is the difference between RAM and secondary storage?



5.      Describe how RAM is used from computer system startup to shut down.



6.       List and describe at least three types of storage that is typically included in all computer systems.



7.      What is the difference between cache and conventional memory?



8.      What is the fastest type of storage, how fast does it work, and where is located?



9.      Describe three factors that determine the size of RAM?



10.  List and describe at least two commonly used approaches to improve memory performance.



11.  What is the difference between buses and channels?



12.  List and describe the various types of buses.



13.  What is the purpose of virtual memory and why is it important in today’s computer system environments?



14.  Explain the difference between the line bus for RAM and ROM.



15.  List and define the various classifications of instructions.



16.  What is considered to be a major weakness of RAM?  Why is it important that users fully understand this weakness?



17.   Explain the concepts of read and write as it relates to RAM.



18.  What are the two main factors that determine the size of ROM?



19.  What are some typical steps that can be used to improve the overall performance of computer system?



20.  What is the difference of between MAR (Memory Address Register) and MDR (Memory Data Register)?  Where are these components located?


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