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Information & Instructions


·         This is an individual assignment.  You must work on your own.




·         The Final Assessment is valued at 20 points.




·         There 10 assessment items valued at 2 points each.




·         You have 72 hours to complete the Final Assessment.




·         Place your responses under each assessment item.




·         Some external research is required.  You must include the appropriate APA format references after your response.




·         Do not just copy and paste materials.  You must write complete mini essays that express your response in your own words with as much original thought as possible.




·         You must post the completed Final Assessment by the due date shown in the Course Schedule.





Answer Assessment Items


1.    Provide at least two features that differentiate how random access memory (RAM), cache memory, flash memory (USB Flash Drive), optical storage (CD/DVD), and magnetic storage (hard drive) are used to store information.


















2.    What are component parts of the CPU?  Specifically describe how each functions to process program instructions.


















3.    Convert the numbers and populate the missing cells based on column heading. To receive credit, you must show each step you took to calculate each conversion.




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