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As the class has progressed, you have learned about implementing a security program to help protect the organization’s assets. Up to this point, you have completed the following:

  • Section 1: Information Systems Overview
  • Section 2: Information Systems Concepts
  • Section 3: Business Information Systems
  • Section 4: System Development

Part 2 Tasks: (Objectives from Week 5)

You have been asked to help secure the information system and users against hacking attempts. Complete the following:

  • Take this opportunity to list 2 different approaches and techniques a hacker would use to steal the organization’s data.
  • For each approach, discuss what methods can be used to circumvent the attack, prevent it, or minimize the disruption caused by the event.
  • Include 1-2 pages of detials.
  • Name the document “YourName_IT190_Final.doc.”
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