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Public speaking takes much confidence, and to achieve that confidence one should always be prepared.  Building a speech in which a person can feel confident takes organizational skills like mentioned in our text “An outline is a blueprint for your speech” (pg. 205).  Without a blue print to organize your thoughts your speech can quickly unravel causing you to get anxious and nervous.  Your speech should consist of 3 things an introduction, a body and a conclusion. 

Another key factor in coming across confident in your speech is the use of language. Know the meaning of the words you are using and make sure that you are using them in the proper context as well as pronouncing them correctly, fumbling to pronounce a word could result in disaster.  The way you come across is also a key piece in looking confident even if deep down you’re not.  Body language and eye contact help keep your audience engaged in what you saying as well. Stumbling in movement, not standing straight, not maintain eye contact lets your audience know that you’re not very sure in what you are saying or even in yourself.

Personal appearance can also boost a person’s confidence as well as showing your audience how well put together you are.  “Many studies have shown that personal appearance plays an important role in speech making” (pg. 249). 

Public speaking is one of my biggest fears which is why I failed this class the first time, I was so anxious to even record a speech that I didn’t even bother submitting any.  Over the past year I have taken on a position at work that has helped me to overcome this fear, although at times I falter I must admit it, speaking in front of an audience e has become easier. I have built that confidence because I am among my peers and when speaking or presenting its about things that I’m passionate about at have much knowledge in. 



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Hello Everyone, 

 For my informative Speech this week, I will talk about Eleanor Roosevelt. I am a great fan of hers and everything she had done. I think she was a pioneer for women and people everywhere with everything she had done and accomplished not only when she was in the White House or after but even before her time there. Eleanor Roosevelt is a very impressive figure who did so much for The United States and other countries in the world. I think Eleanor Roosevelt is a very interesting person which many people don’t know about and I think it would be very interesting to learn about such a historic figure. The main points I will be using are following: Her early life/ education/, her life in the White House as she was First Lady, and her life afterwards and everything she accomplished. I think speaking about her early life and education will get people to know who she is and where she came from and her early years that helped mold her to be who she was. I think her life in the White House being the wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and everything she was able to accomplish while she was in the White House are great things not only for a First Lady but a woman in that time. The final main topic I will use is her life after the White House. She didn’t stop working for people and civil rights when she left the White House she was very vocal and a very consequential woman. 


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