Future Trends Discussion Question

This assignment is due by Wednesday March 30th by 11:59PM EST. The requirements are listed below. I have chosen the Virgin Company as for my assignments. I have also attached the previous papers that go along with this assignment. This is a discussion question and only needs to be around 200 words or so.


Future Trends

Activity Context

This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competencies:

  • Analyze the strategic elements of organizations and their external environments by applying theories and models of strategy.
  • Critically evaluate information from core business functions and the value chain to enhance knowledge of organizational strategic position and direction.
  • Create a comprehensive organizational strategy assessment.

Activity Instructions

In this discussion, you will:

  • Analyze how trends impact the organizational strategy of a firm or industry.
  • Evaluate the context of the global market, including sensitivity to economic and cultural diversity, for the impact on an organization’s strategy.
  • Evaluate leading edge or contemporary strategies and their applicability to the strategy of the project firm.

Look into the future. Consider trends in society, technology, economics, environmentalism, and politics that can influence your project firm. Be sure to look beyond your company’s current market, product, and geographic boundaries. Identify two or three factors that are most likely to create dramatic turns in their future strategy. How can the organizations prepare today for what might happen in three years?