NOW the instructions for this assignment (summary in box below):  Keep scrolling down for further instructions and grading rubric.



Step 1: Scroll through, and watch videos, read introduction/instructions

Step 2: Go to Google 

Step 3: Enter a search statement into the search box – keep it simple.  Google automatically includes AND in searches, but you can include OR in a Boolean statement with parentheses (you can use your RL 1 statement if it does not include too many parentheses), though simple keywords work fine also.  This must be a search statement or research question on a scholarly topic.

Step 4: Look over results

Step 5: Go to Google Scholar

Step 6: Type in your same search statement again

Step 7: Compare the results to previous Google search 

Step 8:  In Google Scholar, add the UMUC link as described in instructions above and below.

Step 9:  Click on some of the FindIt@UMUC links and see what happens.

Step 10: Briefly describe your observations per blue rubric box at bottom of this page.


Watch YouTube clip below –  sorry it is a rather dry 5 minutes, but covers the material well.  NOTE: IF you set up the UMUC link in Google Scholar Settings, make sure you type in UMUC and not University of Minnesota as shown in this  clip.



Here is another video about Google Scholar which is a little zippier, but several years old, so the screenshots are not correct anymore.  For example, Advanced Google Scholar search is now found in the search box with the drop down triangle. Still useful though. 






A paragraph summarizing your observations with a minimum of 6 to 12 sentences is enough OR you may answer in bullet style, as long as you have complete sentences.

 5 points for grammatically correct answers AND comprehensive coverage describing:

  •     the search statement you used and approx. # or results in Google and Google Scholar.
  •     comparison of Google and Google Scholar results.  Were the results relevant to your search query?
  •     what happened when you clicked on a FindIt@UMUC link?  There should be the same number in both Googles. 






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