Graduate Level Writing – Cybersecurity – IT Only!!!

Directions1. Open and read transcript in Project 3 document.
2. Paper will be evaluated on items highlighted in green.
3. Follow and read instructions/background information highlighted in yellow.
4. Must use APA format.

1. SAR report must be 8-10 pages, double spaced using citations in APA format.
2. Use the SAR template.
3. Do not write out the definition of words in step 1 and include them in the report.
4. Please use Lab 3 screeshots for information to help create this report.

1. RAR report must be 5-6 pages, doubled spaced using citations in APA format.
2. Prepare a Risk Assessment Report (RAR) with information on the threats, vulnerabilities, likelihood of exploitation of security weaknesses, impact assessments for exploitation of security weaknesses, remediation, and cost/benefit analyses of remediation. Devise a high-level plan of action with interim milestones (POAM), in a system methodology, to remedy your findings. Include this high-level plan in the RAR. Summarize the results obtained from Lab 2 screenshots in the report.

Basically, you are going to have a network diagram that shows the different levels of the network (backend, intranet, DMZ, frontend applications, etc) all the way through to the internet. Show how you are separating the logical portions (firewalls, switches, VLANs, etc).

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