Graphic Design 1

Need help with graphic design class.??Build on your web site with the Cascading Style Sheet – Follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Working from the document you created in week 3 redo the coding to include an internal style sheet.
  2. Save your work and rename your document as ???lastname_week5.html???
  3. Upload your file to the student web space.
  4. Type your URL address to the drop box.
  5. Make sure you upload all images and other files that are necessary to make this page complete.
  6. If you have saved your images in an ???images folder???, you need to upload this folder to the student web page or create a folder inside of this space, and place your images there.
  7. Just for fun try to create an external style sheet for these pages.
    You will need to up load your external ???CSS??? style sheet to your student web space, so it will work along side of your web page.
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