group A mile stone.

In this last milestone, you will have the opportunity to analyze the accreditation status of the chosen healthcare organization and consider what factors influenced the accreditation status. Further, it is important to consider the areas that require improvement following an accreditation or regulatory survey. Also, in a healthcare organization, a vital aspect tied with accreditation is the timeframe for evaluation of performance improvement initiatives. Usually, the quality improvement committee or council oversees these activities, and so the final part of the quality plan addresses the role of the quality council and the PDSA process, which is often used for incorporating necessary PI changes in standards and practice such as may occur following an accreditation or survey inspection. Like all milestones in this course, you will post a draft of this milestone to the group discussion board so that you will have the opportunity to receive peer feedback on your milestone and offer critiques to your class colleagues on their milestone drafts. You will be expected to incorporate the feedback from your peers and from the instructor into your final project. You must use at least two evidence-based sources in this milestone. Correct APA format is required. Prompt: In your draft, be sure to address the following items: A. Current status of accreditation (i.e., Joint Commission, CMS) and why this measure of accreditation was achieved B. From the most recent accreditation survey, discuss the areas needing improvement C. Timeline for evaluation of performance improvement activities (consider using a visual aid) D. The role of the Quality Improvement Council and the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) methodology

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