For this milestone, students will post a draft of the key items listed below. Part of any performance improvement (PI) or quality plan is the description of the quality infrastructure or organizational foundation and also of the delineation of how quality information is disseminated throughout the healthcare organization. These two critical areas are the focus of Milestone Two. The essential elements of these two important areas are listed below under Prompt. Like all milestones in this course, you will post a draft of this milestone to the group discussion board so that you will have the opportunity to receive peer feedback on your milestone and offer critiques to your class colleagues on their milestone drafts. You will be expected to incorporate the feedback from your peers and from the instructor into your final project. You must use at least two evidence-based sources in this milestone. Correct APA format is required. Prompt: In your draft, be sure to address the following key items: A. Provide brief details about the organization???s information management system and phases of meaningful use implemented to date. B. Outline how performance improvement data and initiatives are tracked through the organization, starting at the department level. C. Discuss leadership strategies that ensure stakeholder and community input into the quality program. D. Describe the various stakeholder groups involved in the performance improvement process (e.g., nursing leadership, departmental directors, etc.). Consider using an organizational chart to depict these stakeholders. E. Evaluate the frequency of performance improvement (PI) initiatives and timeline for submission of data and offer brief detail about how metrics are part of the PI process.??

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