Health administration 300

Read and answer the three following questions 

Briefly describe a cost-control measure from another country and discuss the following:  1) Explain the type of cost control measure (compare to specific types in the cost readings) and 2) the policy tool or government power that it uses (from class discussion of policy tools).  3) Explain how it fits with the type of health system that exists in that country (specific types of health systems on course slide) – why is it a fit for that kind of system?  4) Compare or contrast this measure to a measure in the Affordable Care Act designed to reduce costs.


use this source for the first question


Identify the top 5 points that every U.S. citizen should know about:

Medicaid; Medicare; and the Affordable Care Act.  Provide a citation for each of the points.  This is 5 points about each program – for a total of 15 points.  Provide one sentence or bullet to list the point (with a citation) and one sentence more to tell why this is one of the most important points for citizens to know. 

Any reliable sources I prefer and and any other relia sources for the last point of the questions (sentence more to tell why this is one of the most important pointo for citizens to know).  

Discuss how legal federalism and fiscal federalism apply (or do not apply) to the state bill that you are following. (Two answers, one for legal and one for fiscal).


for this question she the attached 


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