Health and Life insurance questions

1.       Table 17-2 in your text provides a policy illustration for a life insurance policy for a 40-year old female. Please answer the following questions from this table. A copy of this table is also uploaded with this assignment.


a.       What type of policy does this table illustrate? Be specific.


b.       Does the premium increase as the insured gets older? Explain.


c.       What is the face amount of this policy? Explain.


d.        After paying the premiums for 10 years, how much guaranteed cash value will the insured have?



e.       After paying the premium for 15 years, what is the true net cost of this policy for that 15th year only?




1.       –Describe two potential clients who would likely benefit from purchasing an annuity. Describe the type of annuity that you would recommend for each of them.