Health Informatcis. 500 words. 100% NO PLAGARISM. 2 REFERENCES. APA format .

As part of the electronic health record (EHR) implementation process, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of data in the current systems is of high quality. Complete the following in 500 words:


  • Discuss the importance of data quality, and give 3 examples of how to ensure quality data. (Examples include no duplication, no missing data, no data errors, and so on.)
  • What can be done to keep quality data? (Examples include tracking errors, tracking problems, consistency checks, and so on.)
  • Describe 3 characteristics of quality data that include the following: relevancy, granularity, consistency, accuracy, comprehensiveness, accessibility, timeliness, precision, and currency.

Be sure to support your information by citing at least 2 references using APA format.



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