I want a full paraphrase fro each of these  two articles  


this is the first one 

       To improve cyber security, think like a hacker

The problem

            It is examined that many different issues have been noticed over the web. One of the main issues that can be seen is the cyber security issues. There are different attacks on the business all over, and the valuable information and the capital are stolen and that hurts the company at all stages. Here both hackers and the mindsets are discovered over the time. In this case, the details about the cyber attacks have been analyzed. The hacker mindset is to conquer and looks for the opportunity all the time. The main thing that has been analyzed in this case is that the scanning is done, identifies the opportunity, gain the access and then they maintain that access so that no one could enter into the system. Here negativity is there in the mindset of the hackers, and that is needed to be stopped any cost so that the prevention could be done.


 As there are a couple of issues that prevails they are needed to be addressed, and the solution is needed to be provided. In this case, I will like to recommend a couple of solutions to the management so that the security lapse could be fulfilled. Here the IT system needs to be triple layered so that the security issues could be reduced at the minimum time. On the other hand the loopholes that are present in needs to be taken care so that best practices could be determined overall. Here it is important to make sure the security is tightened only specific persons should be allowed in the system and the authorization needs to be tight too. Therefore all apects are needed to be taken in control by the management.

second one is 

The Vulnerability Economy- Zero Days.

The problem began in fall 2010 when an unknown malware attacked the Iranian unclear program. Stuxnet attacked Iranian uranium enrichment facilities in Natanz. It was a zero-day virus which is new and difficult to detect. I think, this kind of organizations should have very strong anti-virus and firewalls. Unlike the normal programs, unclear programs could be targeted due to their importance.


Billon Beresford worked on this problem to discover its root. He purchased S7s from Siemens but Stuxnet also attacked Siemens. After 2 months, he found that the vulnerabilities impacted multiple lines of Siemens.S7. He could sell the vulnerabilities, but he did not. Someone in Beresford’s position does not necessarily have to give away his discovery. Another possibility hangs in the air: He could sell the vulnerabilities. For Beresford, selling his wares might be more difficult than it appears. The market for Zero-Days is not transparent: much of the buying and selling happens in information settings and underground.

In my onion, Beresford better to sell his discovery because there are another guys looking for what Beresford is looking for and they may discover vulnerabilities. Also, what is Siemens releases a new upgrade or update for its products and avoids the vulnerabilities.

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