i want answers for these qustions:


1.     Open a web browser and enter the URL data-breach.

2.     Click on the “Data Breaches timeline since 2005” Button (look on the right side of the page).

3.     On the Chronology of Data Breaches page scroll down and observe the different breaches listed in chronological order.

4.     Now create a customized list of the data that will only list data breaches of educational institutions.

5.     Under Select organization type(s), uncheck all organizations except EDU- Educational Institutions. (make sure Unintended disclosure, Hacking or malware (HACK), Payment Card Fraud (CARD), Insider ( INSD), Physical loss (PHYS), Portable device (PORT), Stationary device (STAT), Unknown or other (UNKN) are all checked).

6.     Scroll down to the “breach subtotal”, how many edu breaches have been made public since 2005_____________________?

7.     How many edu breaches have been made public since 2005 for each category

a.     Unintended disclosure ___________________

b.     Hacking or malware (HACK)________________

c.     Payment Card Fraud (CARD)________________

d.     Insider ( INSD)___________________________

e.     Physical loss (PHYS)______________________

f.      Portable device (PORT)___________________

g.     Stationary device (STAT) _________________

h.     Unknown or other (UNKN)________________

8.     Now search for breaches that were a result of lost, discarded, or stolen equipment that belonged to the MED – Healthcare – Medical Providers. Under Choose the type of breaches to display, uncheck all types except Portable device (PORT) – Lost, discarded or stolen laptop, PDA, smartphone, portable memory device, CD, hard drive, data tape, etc.

a.     How many breaches were made public? ____________________

9.     Now create a search based on criteria that you are interested in, List the criteria below along with the search results.

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