help me to write a 3 minute speech

In preparation for this speech, find a piece of published criticism about something you love. Tell us about the thing you love, what the critic says about it, and what you have to say about the criticism. Focus mostly on what you learn about criticism from reading some criticism.

Your purpose in this speech should not be to persuade the audience to your point of view on your objet d’amour, or that the criticism—positive or negative—is right or wrong. Instead, you’ll explore what criticism is in this particular case and what it assumes about criticism in general. Along the way, you’ll also give the audience insight into your own background, personality, beliefs, values, attitudes, or aspirations.

Particular care will be given to explain difficult concepts or aspects of the subject of which a general audience would not ordinarily be aware. Visual aids can only be used to show the thing you love.

A reference list is not required for this assignment unless you use a published source as a piece of evidence in your criticism. You must include citation information for the source you are critiquing. Include the title of the speech, the title of the criticism, the author, the publication type, and the URL or other way to find the source.


Length of Presentation: 2–3 minutes

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