him210-week 12

You are a patient advocate.  A patient at your facility has come to you and asked for advice in selecting an Internet-based Personal Health Record (PHR).  She saw a physician talking on the news during the aftermath of a recent devastating hurricane about how hard it is to treat patients without having access to basic health information.  The patient had not been able to get this out of her mind.  She wants to insure that her health information and the health information for members of her family is available to health care providers should her family find itself in a similar situation. 

Go to http://wwwmyphr.com to review at least 3 of the Internet-based PHRs that are currently available.

Create an EXCEL spreadsheet comparing various functions of the 3 PHRs you chose. 

1) For each PHR reviewed, determine if you would recommend the product to the patient.  Justify your recommendations by indicating what functionalities you have determined to be most important.

2) The patient looks at the table you have created and asks you which of the 3 PHRs you would choose for your own PHR.  What would you tell her? 

Attach your EXCEL spreadsheet and a WORD document that answers the above to questions to the Assignment and submit it. 

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