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HS 312-01 Unit 6 Assignment

Unit 6 Assignment: Hypothesis testing To view your Assignment directions, access the View/Print icon below. Grading rubrics for this Assignment are located under Course Home. Unit outcomes addressed: ??? Identify a healthcare problem that can be studied statistically. ??? Formulate hypotheses based on a healthcare problem. ??? Complete an ANOVA test using SPSS. ??? Interpret the SPSS results. ??? Summarize the meaning of the results in a brief presentation. Course outcomes: HS312-4: Analyze a mined data set using a computerized statistical package to uncover insight to a healthcare problem. GEL-6.2: Apply a professionally recognized method of formatting and documentation. Instructions As an administrator to a health education program, you suspect that pairing first year students with third-year students will help improve their end-of-year evaluations. To test your hypothesis you develop a mentoring program that has three groups. Group one will be the control. Group two will meet in person weekly. Group three will keep in touch using social media and texting. Analyze the attached data sets of their scores with an ANOVA test using SPSS. Write an executive summary of your study. In the summary, include the ANOVA test results, your hypothesis and its resolution, and the implications of your findings. You must include at least two references (academic sources that must be cited in APA style). Requirements ??? This paper should have at least 2 full pages, not including the title page or references. ??? This paper must follow APA formatting and citation guidelines, including: ??? Title page and Reference page ??? Essay should be double spaced ??? Use Times New Roman font, size 12 ??? Any references should come from credible sources and use APA documentation. ??? Includes a highly developed viewpoint ??? Organize your paper with subheadings. ??? Free of grammar and spelling errors ??? No evidence of plagiarism

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