Human Resource Paper



The term paper should be 12-14page APA style 12 pt font, double spaced


Question / Problem Definition:


In this section you should outline the topic for the paper and ask a specific question.  Please remember that I do not want a descriptive paper but rather one that answers a question.




In this section of the paper you should analyze the information that you have collected.  State both sides of the argument and make sure that you are treating the subject objectively.


Conclusion and Recommendations:


In this section make sure you answer the question from the first section, that the analysis in the third section supports your answer and that your answer is definitive. Make sure that you make at least two practical recommendations.




Clearly list all reference materials.




You are free to choose your own topic for the paper.  If you are unsure as to the relevance of the topic please check with me before you start work.

Please use


The following list contains some general topics, feel free to use them but you will have to make them more specific:


o    Are unions still relevant and practical in the Canadian Labour Market?

o    Can Total Quality Management (TQM) be effective in North America?

o    Is there wage rate discrimination in the government today?

o    Are we effectively educating medical professionals for the United States?

o    Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer still today?


12-13page APA style 12 pt font, double spaced




Please Choose about Human Resource topic, such as “Are Unions still effective in the Canadian Labor Market?”


Please use some chart(such as bar chart or pie chart) to support argument.

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